Lowndes 21 Christmas Card Designs

August 2019

21 years of Lowndes Xmas cards designed by Bret de Their


Our firm is very proud of this collection of 21 clever, elegant designs.


Bret is multi-talented; a designer (architecture, graphic design, books, yacht interiors), a teacher and an Olympic sailor. (See http://www.dethierdesign.com/cvitae.htm.)


When Bret designed the first card for Lowndes in 1998 he was Senior Lecturer and Head of Design Elam School of Fine Arts, The University of Auckland.


Every year Bret has found an innovative and fun way to combine the Lowndes logo in a seasonally symbolic design.  As Bret says, “it has become such a tradition, albeit more challenging each year”.


This year’s design is in the think tank already and for us at Lowndes, the anticipation of the holiday season begins.  This year we have had the additional pleasure of seeing the last 7 Bret de Thier Lowndes cards mounted, framed and hung.  We do this every seven years and we now have 3 unique, arty and somewhat whimsical wall hangings proudly gracing the walls of our office.


Mark Lowndes has been working with Bret since 1986 when he designed the logo for the first law firm Mark founded, now Lowndes Jordan. Mark says “It has been a privilege to enjoy Bret’s skill and creativity for 33 years now. These are the sort of relationships that I find make business particularly rewarding.”


Bret is a New Zealand designer and is talented in many mediums including architecture, graphic design, photography and yacht interiors. If you would like to see some of his beautiful photography check out New Zealand Geographic.

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