Give a kid a blanket

Give a Kid a Blanket

In June 2018 Lowndes Community Contribution team collected donations of blankets, duvets and other winter warmers for Give a Kid a Blanket. When delivering the donated items, we had the privilege of meeting Donna Turtle Sarten & Bernie Harfleet. This amazing couple have run the Give a Kid a Blanket campaign since 2015 as part of their social-political art practice.

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Mergers & Acquisitions Update: Emerging Trends, NZ’s M&A Outlook and Opportunities | Valuable Advice from Business Intelligence Series Workshop 2

Reported surveys indicate that New Zealand’s M&A activity peaked in 2015, with a lower level of activity in 2016 and a slower start to 2017. However, New Zealand and Australian private equity is cashed up, financing is available, and there is a lot of money looking for high quality assets.