President IPBA - Denis McNamara

Denis McNamara of Lowndes Appointed the new President of IPBA for the coming year.

April 9 2017 concluded a busy year of planning for Denis McNamara (Consultant at Lowndes) as he closed the Inter Pacific Bar Association’s (IPBA) annual conference which was held in Auckland for the second time in 27 years.  At the closing of the conference, attended by 800 delegates from in excess of 60 jurisdictions, Denis assumed the Presidency of the Association for the coming year.


The IPBA was formed in 1991 to provide a forum for international business lawyers who are doing business in the Asia Pacific region.  The focus of the IPBA is both business and Asia Pacific.  In a time before the internet and the reliance on instant communications, the IPBA was formed as a forum for business lawyers to meet and network.  Constitutionally the Association is non-political allowing the open exchange of knowledge of the various jurisdictions’ cultural and legal differences.  Many of the economies were and still are developing and the IPBA has been able to assist this development through programmes such as scholarships.  The IPBA currently has over 1700 members from over 65 jurisdictions.


In 1991 Denis attended the inaugural IPBA meeting in Tokyo, Japan where he was impressed with the vision for the Association and has been an active member ever since.  Among other roles he was New Zealand Jurisdictional Council member from 2004-2010, Vice President in 2015, President-Elect in 2016 and will complete a year as President in April 2018.


As President, Denis will represent the IPBA, chair the council, and support the President-Elect, Perry Pe from the Philippines as Perry prepares to host the 2018 conference.  Denis’ first order of business in the role will be to finalise arrangements for a jointly branded Applied Law Masters degree (LLM) with the College of Law.


As with all business, successful international business often relies on successful relationships.  With time these business relationships often become friendships and it is these friendships which Denis describes as the most outstanding aspect of this association for him.


We congratulate Denis on a successful New Zealand conference and wish him every success for his term as IPBA President.


If you want to know more about the IPBA please visit the website.

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