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4 July 2017

Shadow a Leader 2017

It was again with pleasure that Lowndes hosted two students for the AUT Business and Law School’s Shadow a Leader Day on 4 July 2017.  The aim of this day is to give Auckland secondary school students and AUT Faculty of Business, Economics and Law students the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of a business leader to get an understanding of what it takes to succeed in their chosen career.

This year the day started with a breakfast at AUT for the 156 students and 78 business leaders.  Mark Lowndes attended the breakfast where he met with Lauren Gamble from AUT and Justin Havea from St Peters College.  The day was packed giving the students rare exposure to people and experiences helping to inform their future decision making.

The conversations they had throughout the day gave the Lauren and Justin invaluable insight into what it takes to build a successful career in the world of business and in particular, law.  They heard stories and were able to ask questions of business leaders, a Queen’s Counsel and the Lowndes’ senior and junior team members who freely gave their time.

Justin not only found the advice useful but he “gained a lot of motivation and inspiration”.  Lauren is currently interested in employment, family and human rights law but was hoping the day would broaden her knowledge of other areas of law.  The day exceeded her expectations and she “also saw the legal industry from a business point of view”.

The Shadow a Leader Day was piloted in 2012 with 4 leaders and 8 students and has grown through its success.  This is the third year that Lowndes have participated and it is championed by Mark Lowndes who was given a similar opportunity in his second year at law school.  This important experience was influential in the decisions he made in his career and he is motivated to pay this forward.

He wants to give the students “a glimpse of a day in a law firm” and sets out to connect them with as many people as possible throughout the day.  In collaboration with two other leaders from different industries who, with Mark, are members of the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation, he arranges for all six students to speak to all three leaders to give them a rounder experience.  This year the day included a tour of Just Water.  Mark felt well rewarded for his efforts saying it was “great to see Lauren’s and Justin’s inquisitiveness, and that of the other students”.

Lowndes is always looking for ways to contribute to the community and the Shadow a Leader Day is an important event on this calendar.  It gives the Lowndes’ staff and Mark a sense of corporate responsibility and a time to reflect on their own journeys.  We recommend the experience to other businesses and the feedback from Lauren and Justin is that it is a unique experience that they highly recommend to other students.  As Lauren says, “It is a really good way to build connections and help you discover what you are interested in for your future”.


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