SPCA Mangere

October 2018

Supporting Vulnerable Animals through the SPCA

We had the pleasure of dropping off the items donated by the Lowndes staff to the SPCA in mid-October 2018.  We were very surprised to see how much the Mangere centre has grown, and all off the back of generous donations of time, money and items.  It is great to support an organisation which is looking after the vulnerable animals in our community.


While we were there we enquired about the SPCA’s recent request for foster homes for farm animals.  Some of the Lowndes team have a few paddocks so are in a position to help.  They told us that all the animals had found foster homes and that they had an oversupply of offers.  It just goes to show how if everyone does a little bit the problems can be overcome!


The Lowndes staff contribute to four community causes each year.  Supporting animals through the SPCA this quarter was easy to organise, with requested donations listed on the SPCA website.  If you or your company would also like to help the SPCA, the items they would like donated are:

  • Cat/kitten toys (plastic is best), ping pong balls and fabric tunnels
  • Dog/puppy toys – tough rubber toys, such as Kongs are best
  • Rabbit/Guinea pig enrichment items, such as fleece tunnels/tiles/hay racks/feed balls; and toys (hard plastic baby toys work perfectly)
  • Interactive or slow feeders, and food bowls
  • Litter trays and cat litter
  • Scratching posts
  • Carry cages (ideally top-loaders with a plastic bottom and wire top so we can clean them to a high standard)
  • Kids’ plastic climbing frames
  • Dog kennels and beds
  • Rabbit hutches
  • Collars
  • Blue shell pools
  • Old newspapers
  • Towels, sheets, duvet covers and blankets (especially polar fleece blankets) – but please NO duvet inners, pillows or pillow cases, mattresses, bean bags or electric blankets
  • Dishwashing detergent and washing powder
  • Unopened pet food that we can give out to the community – particularly wet kitten and puppy food

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